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The 8 limbs of Raja Yoga:

1. Yamas (yam muhz) – yamas are self-restraints – non greed /Santosha, truth/satya, nonstealing/asteya, nonviolence/ahimsa, control of sexual energy

2. Niyamas (nee yahmuhz)–5 behavioral observances: My Name, Santokh, is derived from santosha or contentment, self-study/svadhaya, cleanliness/saucha, devotion to spirit- as in ishvara pranihara, austerity

3. Asana practice (ah sunnuh) – the poses we enjoy in yoga which promote health and prepare us for meditation practice.

4. Pranayama- (pran uh yam) breathing exercises (such as nadi shodhana, ujaii, khapalabhati)

5. Pratyahara (pratyuh hahruh) – going within, disassociating from the physical environment

6. Dharana (darhuhnuh) – concentration

7. Dhayana (die uh nuh)-meditation

8. Samadhi – (suh mah dee) attaining enlightenment. We enjoy the journey towards this state and most of us glimpse it. Union and unification with supreme consciousness.