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Yogi Bhajan

    What are the 8 limbs of Yoga?

At HAPPY VIBE YOGA, we practice ALL the yoga!

The first 2 help refine the personality and the 3rd and 4th focus on awareness and control of our vessel, the body. The last 4 deal with our higher consciousness .In integral yoga, we call these yogic aspects the 8 fold path: the 1 yamas and 2 niyamas, 3 asana- yoga postures, 4 pranayama- the breath work we enjoy, 5 prayahara- going inward, withdrawing from the outside sensory stimuli. 6 dharana (focusing concentration to a certain point. This leads to meditation),7 Dyhana- meditation, uninterrupted flow of concentration, 8 Samadhi- experiencing interconnectedness of being one with every being, a state that we all aspire to glimpse, to journey towards.

The Yamas include:

Ahimsa ( un him suh)~ Nonviolence
Satya ( sut yuh)~ Truthfulness
Asteya ( uh stay uh)~ Nonstealing
Brahmacharya ( bruh muh charyuh)~ Nonexcess
Aparigraha (uh puh rig ruh huh)~ Nonpossessiveness

And the Niyamas include:

Saucha (sow chuh)~ Purity
Santosha (sun toe shuh)~ Contentment
Tapas(tupp uhz)~ Self-discipline
Svadhyaya (svud hi yuh)~ Self-study
Ishvara Pranidhana (ish varh uh prany hanuh)~ Surrender