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A meditation mala (mala meaning garland) is a set of beads commonly used by Yogis and Buddhists, usually made from 108 beads.Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra during meditation practice. This practice is known in Sanskrit as japa meditation. Doing one 108-bead mala counts as 100 mantra recitations, the extra repetitions done to amend any mistakes in pronunciation or other faults of recitation. Malas are mainly used to count mantras. These mantras can be recited for different purposes linked to working with mind. The beads that we use are made from the wood of the Bodhi tree in Nepal (fig tree :ficus religiosa).The bead itself is very hard and dense, ivory colored 8 mm or stained purple brown 6mm. Artisans in Nepalese villages enjoy making the malas and are known to chant while threading the beads.Our personal malas gain energy from good use and can become welcome friends in our japa meditation practice. Yogis collect malas to use for different reasons. It is fun to have selection to use as adornment, to wear like jewelry. Malas can be kept at home on the altar, in your meditation space, even draped around a buddah statue. Keep a mala in your yoga bag to wear during meditation. Some yogis keep a mala at their desk at work, to use as  positive inspiration during difficult times or while creating an intention for the workday.Several times during the year, malas are available for purchase at class.