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For many happy vibe yoga practitioners, yoga is a healing therapy for body, spirit and mind.

Enjoying Yoga as beneficial therapy is the conscious application of the many techniques and concepts of yoga to enhance health and wellness. As we human beings are multidimensional, all our levels are taken into consideration with the philosophy, psychology and techniques: body, mind, and spirit.

When we are going through a life change, or a transition, for example, we are probably a bit fearful or anxious. Maybe  even angry and  resisting  change. As yoga therapy is much more than a prescription for asana practice, other techniques are employed.

A key theory in Happy Vibe Yoga is the importance of letting go, to stop the clinging. At a time of major transition understanding how to apply this theory to the best of our ability will make changes easier to handle.

Enjoying Yoga as therapy identifies awakening to one’s true self as the key to health and healing. We create healthy intention at every class and stay in the present moment , fostering a feeling of groundedness on our mats. Yoga philosophy further states that lack of knowledge of the true Self is the source of all dis-ease and illness. Clinging and focus or the past and future causes suffering.

We strive not to identify with our occupation, nationality,  status, or, things related to body image. When these external factors are threatened, we could  experience imbalance that could lead to disease if we derived our essence from them. When we get a hint or glimpse of our true identity, then even, during the most trying of times, we will still maintain an experience of silence within, a balance of body and mind.

Whenever there is a feeling of unease, or disquiet in the body and mind, we learn to see this as a signal that something is off; that there is a disconnect somewhere that needs due attention. With an understanding that the root cause of an illness or disease may remain even though symptoms have gone or are being alleviated, we use our yogic tools to reach understanding for health and healing. Yoga techniques of breathing, postures, mudras, etc. are selected, adapted and modified according to age, culture, religion, and physical condition.

Yoga as therapy is an art as well as science. There are many scientific studies showing the health benefits of yoga exercises, breathing and meditation. Many Happy Vibe Yoga students report experiencing more peace of mind and improved sleep through the skillful application of yoga techniques. Over time our yoga practice continues to produce beneficial results when practiced with patience and persistence